Hello 👋🏻. I'm Bryan.
I'm an entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. If you want to know more than that, my About page might help.
You're probably here to read an article I've written. Here's my Writing page.
I go as @bkarlovitz most places on the internet. My DMs are open; that's the best way to reach me.
I'm an entrepreneur based in Philadelphia, but you can frequently find me in NYC.
I work on site reliability at Allure Security, where we protect people from phishing attacks by finding spoofed websites quickly.
I am generally interested in building & running bootstrapped software businesses. Currently, I'm a co-founder at Knead, where we build planning software for the world's best bakeries.
Outside of work, I like throwing tennis balls for my red-nose pittie, cooking, sports statistics, and reading about many random topics.
If anything on this site is interesting to you, and you want to reach out, send me a DM on twitter: @bkarlovitz.
Migration in progress.